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Laura Ruprecht- Director

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to All About Kids in Union KY. My name is Laura Ruprecht and I am the Director of this facility.  I have had many opportunities of working with children which has led me to where I am today.   I have had the chance to work with every age group over the years and also as part of management.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mental health/Human Services in 2004 from Northern Kentucky University.  I also obtained my Associates Degree in Human Services while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree.

I have been with All About Kids since its opening in 2007 as the Director.  I enjoy what I do every single day.  I always see smiles from the children and families that we serve!

I am very excited about the opportunity to be the Director here at All About Kids and I am very happy that you chose our center for your child to learn and grow.  My staff and I understand that each and every child has different wants and needs, personally and educationally. We take that into account with our curriculum and plan a fun and educational learning adventure for each child!

I look forward to helping your child learn and grow with All About Kids!


Public Relations

Anna Yaegel- Assistant Director


Welcome to All About Kids! My name is Anna Yaegel. I am 28 years old and have wonderful husband, Luke, who I’ve been married to since August of 2014. We recently built a house in Independence that we share with our fur babies, Rocky, Zara and Xander. Kentucky has been home my entire life and where all my family lives. Spending time with family is what I enjoy most, especially with my nephew Jackson, and nieces, Piper & Preslee! We are also currently expecting our first child due in February of 2020!

Working with children is my passion, and what I find to be, one of the most rewarding jobs in the world! What a privilege it is for me to care for not only your child, but your entire family! As the Assistant Director, I am here to answer any questions you have and a familiar face to greet you at the door!


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Jim Kaiser- Owner

Hello, my name is James Kaiser. I grew up on the west side of Cincinnati. I am the father of four grown children and countless grand children. I reside in Liberty Township, Ohio. Early on I earned a degree in Business Management. I worked for a large corporation for 21 years. Having four children myself, I noticed that there was a great need for childcare and education in the community. My desire is to offer the families of the Northern Kentucky community a state-of-the-art facility and a caring and educated staff that will work with them to build a solid foundation for our children.

Public Relations

Alex Kaiser Sr.- Operations Coordinator

Hello! My name is Alex Kaiser Sr. and I am the Operations Coordinator for the All About Kids Childcare & Learning Centers Corporate locations. I married my best friend Mandy in April of 2012 and reside in Monroe, Ohio.
Mandy and I have four amazing children together! Jamie was born in 2009, Alex Jr. was born in 2011, Adalynn was born in 2013 and Rose was born in 2015. In our free time we enjoy doing anything that involves spending time with loved ones! Family is not an important thing, they are everything to me! Working in our family business has been the best decision I have every made. There is nothing better then working side by side with your Father and Siblings!
Before becoming the Operations Coordinator, I was a School Age teacher at Campus B for four years. Working in the classroom with all of the children was an amazing experience! It`s amazing to see how much they grow and change over the course of a couple years.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at

Public Relations

Destiny Tincher- Front Desk Assistant

Hello and welcome to All About Kids. My name is Destiny Tincher, and I am an Administrator at All About Kids. I started with All About Kids in 2011. Before becoming an Administrator I worked in the 2 year old classroom for 6 years. Working in a classroom was extremely rewarding to me especially watching how much the children learn and grow. Childcare is my passion, I have two children of my own; Maliyah who was born in 2013 and Brynlee who was born in 2018. I also have two dogs. On my free time I love spending time with my family whether that be sitting at home watching movies, going to Kings Island, or the Zoo; I also like to go hunting. We also spend a lot of time camping. Family is everything to me. We own a house in Florence, Kentucky, but do plan to purchase land and build our dream house.

I am very pleased to continue to help the families and children learn and grow here at All About Kids. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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Jacquie Miller- Front Desk Assistant

Welcome to All About Kids! My name is Jacquie Miller and I am an Administrator.  I have been with All About Kids since 2010.  In the previous 10 years before coming an Administrator I worked in multiple classrooms through out the building, gaining great relationships with most of the families that have attended here.

I currently live in Fort Wright, Ky with my husband and our three beautiful children who are my world.  In my personal time I enjoy spending time with family, friends and traveling.

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask! Let us be apart of your world and come join the All About Kids Family!

Miss Jacquie

Public Relations

Sara Begley- 6 Months to 12 Months


My name is Sara Begley and I work with the babies in Room 2.  I was born and raised on a horse farm in Rabbit Hash Kentucky.  I met my fiance, Keith, when his family moved next door when we were 10 years old.  I graduated from Ryle High School and went to Gateway Community and Technical College.

After completing school, I decided to become a professional driver with my fiance and travel the country.  In June 2015, I quit driving and we bought our first home in Union.  I started working for a logistics broker.

When I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter, Scarlett Penelope, I decided I wanted to work with children.  I started with AAK in October 2016 in the toddler classroom.  I am so excited to be able to watch your child grow and learn new things.  AAK is like a big family!

If you have any questions, you can always find me in Room 2!

Public Relations

Lindsey Pierce- 6 Months to 12 Months

Hi! My name is Lindsey Pierce and I’ve been with All About Kids since September 2019. I was born in Covington, Ky and raised in Florence, Ky and I graduated Scott High School in 2000.

I currently live in Erlanger with my Beautiful daughter Bella and we have two cats, Bing and Miles. I am not very interesting but I do enjoy crafting and hanging out with my daughter having fun!

I enjoy grabbing a drink from Starbucks or a bite from Dunkin Donuts, I especially love getting scented candles and trying new lotions out!

If you have any questions, you can find me in room 2!

Public Relations

Jenna Stone- 6 Months to 12 Months

My name is Jenna Stone and I’ve been with All About Kids since June of 2020.  I was born and raised in Boone County.  I have one girl, Kinslee (June 2014), and one on the way.

I have been working with children for six years and hope to obtain my master’s degree in Elementary Education in the future.  I graduated Boone County High School in 2013 and I am currently attending Northern Kentucky University for Elementary & Special Education.

I love food but staying healthy is something extremely important to me so my go to snack is any type of fruit but on the rare occasion that I eat out you can always find me at Chick-Fil-a, or grabbing a Starbucks!


Public Relations

Hannah Wilber- 18 Months to 24 Months

Hello All!

My name is Hannah Wilber and I’ve been with All About Kids since January 2018. I was born and raised in Indiana and graduated East Central High School 2013.  I have a son, Wyatt, and he is my life. When I’m not teaching the little ones in Room 4, I enjoy spending time with Wyatt, shopping :), and spending time with my family.  We really love to go support the Reds!

My favorite place to eat out is Olive Garden and I absolutely love Mountain Dew or Dots Pretzels!

I look forward to seeing the smiles of “my” children and watching them grow and learn new things.  Don’t hesitate to stop by room 4 if you have any questions!


Public Relations

Kelsey Miller- 18 Months to 24 Months


My name is Kelsey Miller and I’ve been with All About Kids since September 2019.  I was born and raised in Indiana and Kentucky and graduated from Ryle High School in 2016.  I have two daughters, Jocelyn (March 2017) & Anilyn (January 2020).

My favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse, my favorite drink is vanilla diet coke  and my favorite snack is chocolate chips.


Public Relations

Stephanie Williams- 18 Months to 24 Months

My name is Stephanie Williams and I’ve been with All About Kids since January of 2021.  I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, so far I don’t have any children just my beloved two dogs; a beagle Abbie and a golden retriever Finn.  I graduated from Amelio High School in 2011, and I also went to Great Oaks to become a Certified Veterinary Technician Assistant.

I love to read or grab a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse or enjoy one of my favorite snacks a soft pretzel, goldfish or a Dr. Pepper!


Public Relations

Samantha Moore- 24 Months to 30 Months

Hi! I’m Samantha Moore, I graduated from Ryle High School in 2020 and am currently attending Gateway Community and Technical College.  A fun fact about myself is that both of my younger siblings (Gaige 16 & Joie 14) and I all attended All About Kids when we were younger!  In my free time I enjoy surfing and riding off-road with my family.

I chose to work in childcare as I have always enjoyed being around the smiling faces of children.  Initially I had desired to become an elementary school teacher.  Recently however, I have learned that I enjoy working with toddlers and getting the opportunity to be a part of some of their earliest education.  the best part about my job is having an impact on the lives of our future.

Public Relations

Genesis Henselee- 24 Months to 30 Months

My name is Genesis Henselee and I was born  in Florence and raised in Savannah, GA.  I have two older sisters, one older and one younger brother and I am currently engaged.  I also graduated from U-skills Education Center in 2020.

In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding, juggling, and cooking.  Some of my  things to grab to snack on are anything milk chocolate and Dr. Pepper, I also love Olive Garden.


Public Relations

Maranda Mason- 30 Months to 36 Months

Hello! My name is Maranda Mason, I am 24 years old, I have two children, Layla & Legend, and one on the way! I am originally from Lexington, Ky (Go Cats!) I moved to Union, Ky in 2011 and graduated from Home school of America in 2016. I am returning to All About Kids, where my passion is, I truly love working with children and seeing them thrive each day, not to mention their tiny hugs are absolutely priceless!
In my free time I enjoy having quality time with my family, cooking/baking and doing crafts. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have for me!
Thank you!

Public Relations

Caitlynn “Caity” Stone- 30 Months to 36 Months


My name is Caitlynn Stone but, I go by Caity and I’ve been with All About Kids since May of 2019. I have 3 wonderful children, Layla & Jaxson (February 2019) and Jayce (November 2012). I graduated from Boone County High School in 2012.

Working with children is my passion, and what I find to be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!  I love grabbing a drink from Starbucks or a bite to eat from Chick-Fil-A when a need something quick!

Public Relations

Hannah Hutchison- 36 Months to 48 Months

My name is Hannah Hutchison and I’ve been with All About Kids since 2012.  I was born and raised in Florence.  I graduated from NKU with my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood in 2018.

I have two beautiful children, Hadleigh (October 2018) and Maverick (expecting soon).  Working with children has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.  It brings joy to watch them grow and learn through the years.  I enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with my family!


Public Relations

Lindsay Brockman- 36 Months to 48 Months


My name is Lindsay Brockman and I’ve been with All About Kids since May 2019.  I was born  and raised in Gallatin County and Warsaw  and graduated from Gallatin County High School in 2009.

I have three kids , Declan (July 2011), Loralye (April 2015), & Silas (May 2020).  When I’m not at work loving and playing with your kiddos, I’m at home doing exactly that with my own!

I LOVE food! Some of my favorites are Sonic, grape juice, and Jerky!


Public Relations

Hayden Monson- 36 Months to 48 Months

My name is Hayden Monson and I was born and raised in Covington, Ky.  I have four younger siblings who mean the world to me.  I went to Eastern Kentucky University for Education and will  continue to finish my degree in the future.

I enjoy reading books, singing, dancing to music which I love to incorporate in the classroom. My favorite restaurant to enjoy eating out every once in a while in Chipotle and I love the color green and Coconut Bai!


Public Relations

Taylor Hibbs- 4 Year Old Teacher

Hello! My name is Taylor Hibbs and I’m one of the teachers in room 8. I’ve been been working at AAK since May of 2019 and I love it more everyday! I was also born in Cambridge, Ohio and moved to Northern Kentucky when I was 7. I graduated from Cooper High School in 2018. After a couple years in college , I decided I was was much happier working at a daycare and I have been here since! My brother and I rent an apartment together with our furry friends Kara and Pastel and I’m hoping to add a new puppy to the mix I’m a huge foodie, so in my free time I love to try new restaurants or cook new recipes. I also love going on adventures with my family. I spend most of my time after work drawing or reading! I am honored to be able to help teach and care for every kiddo in my class and I hope I can continue to teach for years to come!

Public Relations

Chelsea Duncan- Pre-Kindergarten


My name is Chelsea Duncan and I’ve been with All About Kids since 2009. I was born and raised in Union, KY, I graduated from Ryle High School in 2009. I married my best friend, DJ on November 27, 2016. We welcomed our son, Oliver, in December of 2015, our daughter, Clara, in August of 2017, and our youngest son Gabriel in February 2020.  In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends and being outside. Some of my favorite places to enjoy eating out include Rafferty’s & O’Charley’s!


Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, I love watching them grow and teaching them new things. The most rewarding feeling is walking into a classroom and children screaming your name and running up to tell me about their night/weekend.



Public Relations

Jenn Gutter- School Age/Kindergarten


My name is Jenn Gutter, and I was born in Michigan and raised all over the East coast. I have been with All About Kids since April of 2009 and have been working with kids since the summer of 1995.  I have two sisters and a younger brother.

I would love to eventually go back to school to earn an Education degree.  I would love to be a second grade teacher.  I love working with children, you learn so much from them and you definitely NEVER know what to expect with them!

Some of my favorite things include eating out at Chilis, anything sweet, water, Barnes & Nobel.


Thank you,

Miss Jenn J

Public Relations

Brittany Bush- School Age

Hello my name is Ms. Brittany. I was born and raised in Northwest, Ohio and I  attended Arlington Local Schools from K-12 grade. My favorite elementary teacher was Ms. Butler (5th Grade) and my favorite High-school subjects were English, Music, and French. I graduated as Valedictorian from both High-school and College, and attended Bluffen University in Ohio and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry. While in college, I traveled as a featured vocalist with the Continental singers. I recorded my own solo vocal album, and choreographed for the Young Continentals and Continental kids. After college I moved into full-time Youth and Music ministry in churches while also teaching Pre-School and Kindergarten at the YMCA and LoValle Private School. I still have a passion for music and when I am not at AAK i am teaching at Willis Music or at my home studio or with my husband, three kids, and two dogs eating Chinese food and watching movies.

We are hiring; apply TODAY!

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